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Adult Film Star Brian Pumper Is STRUGGLING OUT HERE Y'all . . . He May Be HOMELESS . . . LIVING IN HIS CAR!! (Look At The VIDEO)

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Adult film star BRIAN PUMPER is struggling y'all. A fan ran into Brian in traffic, and he was driving a 1998 Toyota Corolla - and it was BEAT UP.

And what's worse - is that the car was filled with belongings - as it appeared that Brian may be LIVING IN HIS CAR.

Dude needs to go back to SLINGIN THAT D*CK - and get himself out of his bad situation.

Here is what a commenter said:

I saw him a week ago in a worse car he was in an old Toyota and he was living in his Car with his small puppy - he kept coming in and our of McDonald's I felt bad for him but who knows maybe he's just a cheap ass nigga and doesn't wanna pay rent