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Con Artist Made $1 Million SCAMMING Department Stores . . . Out Of Designer Bags . . . The Judge Is Calling Her SCAM . . . 'INGENIOUS'!!

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A 41-year-old THAI woman is being charged with one of the most INGENIOUS bag scams ever, but eventually it caught up with her. Praepitcha Smatsorabudh was sentenced to 30 months in prison last week.

She was caught by the Feds in March when they raided her home and found 572 handbags, both real and fake, that authorities believe were a part of her FRAUD.

Authorities say that the CON WOMAN made more than $1 MILLION scamming department stores out of their cash.

Here's how her scam worked. Praepitcha bought expensive bags with labels including Gucci, Burberry and Fendi from department-store websites. Investigators said that she would then order realistic-looking fake bags from China and Hong Kong and return them in person to the store — picking up huge amounts of cash.

The con artist was busted when she started FLOSSING TOO HARD on Instagram.