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EXCLUSIVE PICS: Kim Kardashian And Kanye Were Spotted . . . Pulling Up . .. To Jay Z And Beyonce's HOUSE . . . They Had A DOUBLE DATE!!!

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The Kanye-Jay Z feud is over - Kim and Kanye were invited to Jay Z and Beyonce's Los Angeles mansion last night. And we got our hands on the EXCLUSIVE PICS.

Here is what the homies over at X-17 are reporting:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went to visit Beyonce and Jay Z and X17online has the EXCLUSIVE pix and info on the power couple summit!

In keeping with her low-profile, low-glam style as of late, Kim wore a hideous lumberjack plaid button-down with chubby sweatpants but she's not tricking us -- check out what she's got underneath. She's wearing a choker, a lace-trimmed silk camisole and lace-up ankle boots ... so why the workman's shirt and track pants? She's hiding an ON POINT outfit underneath her yucky lounge clothes so that when she gets in the car she can strip down to her sexy look. But why?

Here is a pic of Kim and Kanye pulling up to the front
Here is a pic of them leaving