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Is Pharmacy CEO MARTIN SHKRELI . . . A Real GANGSTER??? He's On Social Media . . . 'Threatening' The LIFE . . . Of A Blogger Who Criticized Him!!!!


A popular Instagram blogger is in a WORLD OF TROUBLE - at least according to Pharmacy CEO Martin Shkreli.

Up until now, many people thought that Martin Shkreli, the skinny Pharmacy CEO that's been in the news lately, as a typical tech geek. But now he's starting to look like more . . . like a REAL GANGSTER.

Earlier in the week, a popular blogger named DJ Akademiks criticized Martin - over some of his recent actions. Well Martin decided to fight back.

He released the below video which explained that DJ Akademiks may be in SERIOUS PHYSICAL TROUBLE. Martin did not specifically threaten him, or say anything that could get him in trouble with the law, but he made a very DIRE impression.