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Terrance Jackson, a 15-year-old defensive end at Deerfield Beach High School, died on Wednesday. He was shot and killed in an act of senseless violence, as he attended his grandfather's funeral.

Here is the video - we warn you it is graphic

According to police, a family fight broke out at the funeral of RC Taylor, the victim's grandfather. Police believe that the fight was over the proceeds from Mr Taylor's life insurance policy.

RC Taylor died of a heart attack Jan. 15 at age 70. He was believed to have had a substantial life insurance policy.

Police say that RC Taylor's nephew Royce Freeman, 47, and Terrance got into a physical altercation at the funeral. After the fight, Royce allegedly pointed a gun at the teenager and shot and killed him. 

Afterwards, police say that 19-year-old Derrick Peoples pulled a gun and shot and killed Royce. A third gunman also fired at Royce's niece, Shanita Miller.

Royce and Terrence both died at the scene.

Here is the video - we warn you it is graphic