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15 Year Old Girl KILLS HER PARENTS . . . After Listening To LIL UZI SONG!!


15 year old Daejona Holmes has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder, as well as armed criminal action and tampering with physical evidence. Police say that the teen girl shot and killed her parents Kinderly Holmes, 37, and Brian Starr, 38, in their Kansas City, Missouri home in April. Despite her age, prosecutors plan on charging Daejona as an adult.

Authorities said that they first received a 911 call from Daejona, who first claimed that her parents were shot during a robbery. After questioning her, however, it became clear she was not being truthful. Eventually police claim that Daejona confessed to killing both parents.

Mom Kinderly was discovered in an upstairs bedroom, she had been shot once in the stomach. Dad Brian was found near the front door, he was shot twice in the torso and once in the mouth.

After obtaining a search warrant, investigators found that Holmes had recently searched for ‘scary movies where kids killed parents’ and saved rap lyrics from Lil Uzi about wanting her father dead.

A video on her phone showed Holmes dancing in her bedroom to Lil Uzi's music while holding a handgun.

Investigators also discovered a drawing that showed one stick figure shooting another. One figure was labeled ‘Dad,’ and another was labeled ‘Me.’

A third stick figure had X’s for eyes and ‘blood’ all around it, according to the Kansas City Star.The teen told investigators that she had been heating up macaroni in the kitchen when she heard her parents fighting and a gun being fired.

Rapper Lil Uzi has been under fire recently for allegedly leaving Satanic messages in his music.