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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop's KIRK FROST . . . Had A SIDE BABY . . . On His Wife Rasheeda . . . And The SIDE CHICK Will Be On NEW SEASON!!

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kirk_rasheeda just received word, from the homie Funky Dineva, that Kirk Frost allegedly had a SIDE BABY on his wife Rasheeda. Here's the tea, from Finky Dineva:

“The People” say Kirk Frost done slipped off and had a baby with another woman. According to the source that gave me ALL THE TEA, the baby is now 4 months old. We can expect to see Kirk’s side chick/baby mama on the show. We can also expect to see the sidechick’s mama on the show too. Filming for the the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta started about two months ago. The camera’s were rolling just in time to catch Rasheeda’s reaction to this heartbreaking news.

According to the person who told me all of this, Rasheeda tried to take Kirk’s head off when she found out about all of this!

The People say that the baby mamma doesn’t look like anything. They say she isn’t cute, has a bad body, and is tired as all outdoors.