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Comedian Ricky Smiley's GIRLFRIEND Is Putting Him ON EXTRA BLAST . . . She's Spilling ALL HIS TEA . . . And Leaked His Profile!!!!!


A woman claiming to be Ricky Smiley's girlfriend just sent us the following:

I’d like to share with you our almost 3-year private relationship. Time and time again I have felt that this man had sooo many women, young women at that. He would claim that he wants to marry me. Put me in my apartment, furnish it completely and pay my rent. Use Gary as a middle man to buy me fancy things. And send his assistant to deposit money into my account. To my understanding, his assistant would do the same for another woman that he messed around with. To find out he was doing the same thing for another young woman of 14 YEARs! And having different going women in different states. Having unprotected sex with them and luring them in with his money and career, claiming that he will help them in the industry.

He even has a profile up on, looking for women.

This past Wednesday I tried to break it off with him but he can't stand rejection. He cursed me out so badly which has happened on several accounts! One moment he would say he loves you them the next he will Hate your guts. I'm tired of him and his hypocrisy! He claims to be this church man that Loves the Lord. But he is scandalous! The sex fetishes, unprotected sex, the women -- lots and lots of women!

Rickey Smiley is not who he says he is and the only thing he cares about is getting the nut and his career. I am appalled, disgusted, and I can't believe I dated him this long!

He has so many secrets, that I'm willing to let the world know about. You cannot go around cheating, misusing and abusing women. Him talking about God on his radio show is just an act to cover up his malicious ways, Every time I talked about the Lord to him, he'd shut me down. At this point, I don't know what God he serves. But the things he does in private is due to come to the light.