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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Malika Haqq And Ronnie From JERSEY SHORE . . . Are FAKING Their Relationship . . . Because Of A New REALITY SHOW . . . They Star In!!!


Two days ago, broke the news that Malika Haqq and Ronnie Magro from Jersey Shore were a couple. The two are currently filming a new reality show entitled, Famously Single - about famous people that are single.

And here's the tea. We spoke with a producer who told us that they're ENTIRE relationship is "scripted" for the show. The producer explained, "They're not [really] together, it's all just an act for ratings. The relationship isn't even that convincing, but we'll clean it up in [the editing room]. By the time you see them on screen, you'll think they're in love."

Wow, just wow.