1400 People Show Up In Central Florida For 'Coronavirus Party'!!


Thousands of people gathered at a block party in Deland, Florida Saturday - to attend a party that was advertised as a "Coronavirus Party." The party, according to local authorities, was held in violation of social distancing orders— and police made multiple arrests and hundreds were injured, MTO News has learned.

Authorities say the party was pretty calm during the day, but became dangerous at night. Just after midnight police told MTO News that two men, Alphonso Parker and Charles Turner, were seen exchanging a handgun. And police claim that Charles fled and tossed the weapon.

But the reports of a "gun" created chaos in the 1400 person party, and people were running everywhere.

Charles Turner was later arrested and charged with two counts of possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, tampering with evidence, inciting a riot, and resisting an officer without violence. Parker was arrested and charged as well. 

During the arrests, deputies were attacked with alcohol bottles, and bar stools. Those that were attacked sustained minor injuries. One partygoer was also shot in the foot but doesn't plan to press charges.