A 14 year old girl died while making a TikTok video in Indonesia, MTO News has learned. And images of the girl laying dead are going viral on Twitter.


The deceased teen, identified as "D," was making a TikTok video on the roof of her home. Her phone slipped out of her hand and fell between two power cables. When she reached for her phone that fell cables, D was electrocuted and badly burned.

A local Indonesian newspaper, Tempo, reported that West Cikarang police chief, Akta Wijaya, said on Tuesday: "At the time of the incident, the victim was playing on the third floor of their house. We are collecting statements from all of the eyewitnesses."

The officer added, "The victim was playing with an app in their mobile device. That is what we want to educate, just to be clear. This is a tragedy for us all."

The graphic image was published by multiple Indonesian news agencies, then it made its way onto social media.