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Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has now been accused of sexual misconduct by 14 women.

Cuba Gooding Jr. appeared in a New York court Tuesday for his arraignment. The Boyz N The Hood actor pleaded not guilty to two instances of sexual misconduct. 

According to reports, the new charges involve an alleged incident in October 2018, and prosecutors have claimed that they are aware of 12 other uncharged incidents which all took place from 2001 to 2018 in New York, California, Texas, Nevada and New Mexico occurring at bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants. 

Gooding Jr. has been charged with third-degree misdemeanor sexual abuse and forcible touching. 

"When this woman verbally confronted the defendant immediately after being pinched, defendant claimed that he had only pinched her back, not her buttocks," the indictment against the star reads. "While continuing to deny his conduct, defendant raised his voice and stated in substance that he would never return to that nightclub again. Earlier that night, the defendant had made a sexually suggestive remark to this same woman."

He is currently awaiting trial.