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WAR INSIDE NYC JAILS!!! A Corrections Officer Was ASSASSINATED on Brooklyn Street . . . One Week After ANOTHER Corrections Officer Had His Home INVADED!!


There appears to be a WAR going on in NYC jails - against the CORRECTIONS OFFICERS. is sad to report that a 25-year-old FEMALE correctional officer at Rikers Island jail in New York was shot and killed last night, in Brooklyn. Right now police suspect that it was a PLANNED HIT.

Alastasia Bryan recently graduated from the correctional officer program on November 4, and was a rookie at the Anna M Kross Center of the jail.

While there had been initial questions whether Bryan was intentionally targeted or if the shooting was random, police said Monday morning that detectives had obtained surveillance video showing a man getting out of a vehicle and walking up to Bryan’s car. The video reports show the man opening fire and then getting back into his vehicle before taking off, police said.

Last week, a pair of armed men critically wounded state Corrections Department Officer Henry Wright during a home invasion in Queens. Detectives are probing whether he was targeted by former prisoners.