It's Going DOWWWWWNNNN!! Tiny's On Instagram BLASTING T.I. . . . Because He's DUMPING HER . . . Over The Mayweather Video!! (Do You Agree With TINY . . . Or T.I.??)


Tiny's BLASTING her husband on Instagram. This comes after reported that T.I. plans on filing to DIVORCE Tiny - after she is caught on tape dancing suggestively with his rival Floyd Mayweather.

So how is Tiny's blasting her husband - well she's having one of her FRIENDS post Instagram memes about how she STOOD BY while T.I. cheated on her in the past. Then she and her friends, including Toya Wright, are "liking" the posts.

It's pretty CLEAR that T.I. has been UNFAITHFUL in their marriage, but what Tiny did - dancing with her husband's ARCH ENEMY - is pretty bad too.

Whose side are you on in all this DRAMA . . .