Drake Declares WAR ON NICKI MINAJ . . . Now Not Only Is He Trying To DESTROY MEEK . . . He's BLOCKING HER MUSIC TOO!! (Dude Is A True SAVAGE)


Drake's war against MEEK MILL has now spread - onto Nicki Minaj.

According to reports online Drizzy just BLOCKED NICKI'S new single with Partynextdoor. The song, which Nicki was hoping would RESPARK interest in her from fans, was unofficially announced by Major Lazer a few weeks ago. And at the AMAs, it was revealed that the song was set to drop on Jan. 6.

But Drake is having NONE OF THAT. Drizzy used his power to BLOCK the song from being released.

Nicki's gonna have to look for a hit ELSEWHERE . . .