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A 13-year-old Houston girl has died after she was jumped by 2 classmates while walking home from school. Kashala Francis was pronounced dead on Wednesday after authorities say that she slipped into a coma while in intensive care.

The video of Kashala getting jumped was live-streamed on Facebook Live and has gone viral. Here is the alleged video, warning it is disturbing.


In the video, Kashala is punched in the head - and she falls hard. Her head hits the ground with a thump.

Kashala's mother, Mamie Jackson, said that when Kashala came home from school, she had bruises on her face, but she said she was fine.

But a few days later, things got serious.

Kashala was visiting a family member's home, and she began to feel weak and complained of a painful headache. Eventually, her mom says, Kashala became delirious.

"I drove over and I told her to get up. I said, 'Get up, Kashala.' She kept saying, 'Mama, my head hurts,' so she laid down."

Kashala lost consciousness and was rushed to Texas Children's Hospital, where she eventually died.

Doctors claim that they found a brain tumor in the back of her Kashala's head that caused increased intracranial pressure. The doctors are not clear whether the brutal beating contributed to her death.