13 Yr Old Girl Cries For HELP On LIVESTREAM . . . Claims Mom PROSTITUTES HER TO MEN!! (Video)

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A very disturbing video is going viral - and it was Livestreamed by a 13 year old girl.

The video shows a girl named Latisha, who claims that her mother abuses her - and forces her to PROSTITUTE HERSELF OUT to men.

In the video Latisha talks openly to her social media followers, and essentially BEGS FOR HELP. Latisha claims that for the last three months, her mother has been selling her to men.

And Latisha claims that some of the men actually KNOW LATISHA'S REAL AGE, and still abuse the child.

The story gets even worse. According to Latisha, her mom "beats" her or "starves" her to get her to sell her body.

The incident occurred in Trinidad & Tobago.

MTO News has forwarded a copy of this video to local authorities. We'll follow up with any developments.