13 Year Old CASH ME OUTSIDE Girl Allegedly Had S*X . . . With Adult Rapper Trippie Redd!! (PICS)

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MTO News just got wind of some BLOCKBUSTER allegations, surrounding 15 year old Danielle "CASH ME OUTSIDE" Bregnoli - also known as the rapper Bhad Bhabie.

According to multiple sources, Danielle reportedly TOLD the rapper XXXTENTACION that she and 19 year old rapper TRIPPIE REDD engaged in a s*xual relationship when she was only 13 years old. There is an alleged pic taken condfirming their relationship:


Having a s*xual relationship with a 13 year old girl is considered a crime in all 50 states.It's also a serious felony in the States of Florida and California- the two states that the act may have occurred.

The allegations were first made by one of Trippie Redd's former friends Tekashi 6ix9ine. Listen:

Yesterday the Instagram star Akademiks reached out to Danielle to confront her about the possible s*xual assault - and she reluctantly denied it.

But Danielle story sounded really SHAKY. The now 15 year old admitted to "dating" and "kissing" Trippie Redd, but she denied that they ever got as far as having s*x

6ix9ine said, "I didn't say this, I didn't say this yet to nobody. I was going to release it soon. But you know Trippie Redd fucked that little Danielle Bregoli bitch, right?" He said.

According to Hot New Hiphop, "It's unsure how valid 6ix9ine's claims are considering he's been beefing with both Danielle Bregoli and Trippie Redd for a minute. However, it's still a pretty major claim considering that Bhad Bhabie only turned 15 in March and Trippie Redd is turning 19 in the middle of June."