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SHOCK ALLEGATION: Business Associate Claims That Sean Kingston Is A HIGH-END JEWELRY THIEF . . . STOLE $400K In Jewelry!!!

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Brooklyn industry insider Choke No Joke just dropped a BOMB. According to him, rapper Sean Kingston is really a high-end jewelry thief.

Here is what Choke No Joke said on Instagram:

Sean Kingston wrote a bounced check for all the jewelry you see in the pic. He cancelled the check days after having the jewelry and also snuck off set of a music video with a loaner Cuban Link that coast$ 100K. So in total he stole $400K in jewelry.

The jeweler calls me knowing my ties to the industry and street to try and help him get his jewelry back. I reach out to Gary and @mamakingston1 and we discuss Sean Kingston returning the jewelry. If you don't pay for it you stole it.

They agreed to return the $100K loaner chain in good faith and promise me if I waited a week or two they would make the payment for the $300K once a check cleared. That never happened.

I flew to LA they gave me the loaner chain back. What they knew was the law. They knew that if the Jeweler pressed charges that the case would become civil and Sean Kingston would be able to keep the jewelry and the Jeweler could only sue in court. Sean knew he couldn't go to jail for it unless he shows up in New York State which Sean Kingston hasn't publicly visited because he knows now he have an arrest warrant.

Sean Kingston mother and uncle promised me that they would make good and never did. This is my thing. Why would Sean Kingston rob someone when he had a problem with someone robbing him? Now he's walking around with free jewelry and a Civil warrant just to save his image like he's not broke.

Here is the jewelry that Sean allegedly stole: