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Baseball Star JOSE REYES Is Put On BLAST . . . By His SIDE CHICK . . . Claims She Had His BABY And Jose Is A DEADBEAT DAD!!!

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Jose Reyes of the New York Mets was put on BLAST yesterday - by side chick/baby's mama, a singer named Christina Sanchez. Christina went on Twitter to blast Jose for being an absentee father.

Christina blasted him, “You’re a worthless piece of shit father to our child and she’ll grow up knowing how much of a coward you chose to be.” She continued, “Liyah just asked about you again & I had to explain to her that it’s a cruel world we live in. . . you are a cruel man !!!”

Jose is currently married and was when their daughter was conceived, and that may be the root of the problem. Christina said, “You used to see her all the time and you just expect her to forget? A father is supposed to be a father no matter what!! Your dysfunctional marriage shouldn’t hold you back from being a father!!! I’m done.”

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This is Jose with his wife:

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