UH OOOOOOHHHH!! Prince Harry Is FLYING TO BARBADOS . . . To Meet Up With RIHANNA . . . And His Girlfriend Meghan AIN'T COMING WITH HIM!!


British Prince Harry is on his way to Barbados to meet up with Rihanna, and his new girlfriend Meghan Markel is NOT going with him.

You see the Prince of England is scheduled for a series of official royal engagements across the Caribbean to commemorate the Queen's 90th birthday. One of those engagements involves meeting with Bajan ambassador Rihanna in her native Barbados.

The tour is an official royal engagement so Prince Harry's new girlfriend actress Meghan Markel will NOT be accompanying him.

And y'all already know how Rihanna acts with OTHER PEOPLE'S MEN - especially if they're successful. Meghan bae, your man's gonna come home SMELLING LIKE RIH RIH!!!