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Beyonce And Michelle Obama Developed A 'STRONG FRIENDSHIP' . . . And Bey Wants Michelle To Run For PREZ IN 2020!!

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Beyonce has a new BEST FRIEND - Michelle Obama. Michelle and Bey have reportedly been getting CLOSER and CLOSER throughout her hisband's presidency. And that friendship is so strong, that according to Hollywoodlife, Bey wants Michelle to run for president.

Here is what is being said:

“They are both convinced that she would be the ultimate candidate, and have spoken to the first lady about the possibility of this many times. With [Donald] Trump winning, Beyonce will continue to encourage Michelle to run for president in 2020.”

Beyonce and Jay Z desperately want Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020 after learning about Donald Trump’s win, according to The USA News Online.

“They are both persuaded that she would be a definitive applicant, and have addressed the principal woman about the likelihood of this multiple occasions. With [Donald] Trump winning, Beyonce will keep on encouraging Michelle to keep running for president in 2020.”