Did You Know The Movie LOVING Is A Lie . . . And That Mildred WASN'T BLACK . . . Her Grandson Just SPILLED THE TEA . . . In New Interview!! (DETAILS)


You probably heard of the story of the Lovings - the interracial couple that took their love all the way up to the Supreme Court. Eventually, the couple got the court to make INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE legal in America.

Well for many years, folks believed that the Mildred Loving was Black. It turns out that she WASN'T. According to her son, Mildred was Native American. NBC News spoke with Mildred's grandson. Here is what they are reporting:

Mark Loving was raised by his grandma, Mildred Loving - the central character in the movie. While it's clear his grandmother is a woman of color, if you believe that color was black, Mark says you'd be wrong.

While he likes the overall theme of the movie, he takes offense that the film portrays his grandmother as African-American, when there's no evidence that she was.

"I know during those times, there were only two colors: white and blacks," said Loving. "But she was Native American, both of her parents were Native American."

Mark says his grandmother always identified as Rappahannock Indian. If you doubt him, look no further than Richard and Mildred's original D.C. marriage license, which is available online from the Smithsonian. It clearly reads, Richard Perry Loving - white - Mildred Delores Jeter - Indian.

Mark says if his grandmother was alive today, she would cringe at all the attention the family is getting, and she'd be insulted that she was racially profiled as someone she wasn't.
"She wasn't trying to be no hero, she wasn't tryin' to be no civil rights activist," he said. "She just wanted to come back to Central Point, Virginia."