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12-Yr-Old Boy Shoots & Kills Home Invader Who Held His Mother At Gunpoint

A 12-year-old boy will not face charges after he shot and killed a man who held his mother at gunpoint during a home invasion.

According to the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Office, Brad LeBlanc, 32, was shot dead by the child on Wednesday morning after breaking into his home.

LeBlanc approached the mother outside their home and forced her inside at gunpoint. There was a struggle, and the 12-year-old ran to get a hunting rifle and shot the robber dead.

"At this time, the East Feliciana Sheriff's office has no evidence — whether it be physical evidence at the scene or testimony from witnesses — that would incriminate the 12-year-old, and therefore, at this time, we have no plans to bring charges against the 12-year-old child," Sheriff Travis told The Advocate.


"I don't know what you tell a kid like that. I mean, that is such a horrific incident that I tried to put myself in that position this week, thinking when my children were 12-years-old, if they'd've had to do that, what would I have told them."

Jonathan Barker was booked for second-degree murder, principal to aggravated burglary and principal to aggravated kidnapping. He was not involved in the shooting but was an accomplice to the crime.

Jennifer Bond was charged with accessory after the fact.