Atlanta Housewife Kandi Claims That It Was PORSHA . . . Who Wanted To Have A THREESOME . . . With Her And Husband TODD!!! (Who Do You Believe??)

kandi_porsha broke the news that Porsha and Kandi were going to start FEUDING over who asked who to engage in a THREESOME. Porsha claims that Kandi and Todd invited her into their bedroom, and we believe her.

But in a new interview, Kandi says that it was PORSHA who asked to engage in a threesome with her and Todd.

Both Porsha and Kandi claim that they have RECEIPTS (in the form of text messages) showing that Kandi asked her to engage in a threesome. Here is what Porsha said on Instagram yesterday:

porsha4realOnly 5 days left! #NoMaam ... Best believe I won't keep y'all in the dark ! I'll be posting text messages during season !! Just call me True Tea P!!! #TruTeaP Tag A tea mate #Staytuned #TooBlessedToBeStressed #TheyStayComingWellHereYouGo