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SHOCK CRIME: Man Confesses To MURDERING His Girlfriend . . . Because She Said NO To His Marriage Proposal!!


Jason Eaton, 43, walked into an Indiana Police station on Tuesday and told officers that he had killed his girlfriend, Wendy Sabatini.

Police went to Wendy's apartment and found her dead, with a gunshot wound to her head. A firearm was found in the bedroom near her body.

Police claim that Jason confessed to the murder. According to officers, Jason said he approached Wendy in the bedroom with an engagement ring to ask her to marry him.

She said NO.

Jason said he then retrieved the gun from a nightstand and shot her in the head from behind, according to police. He eventually left the home and went to the home of the woman who accompanied him to the police department. He told her he “messed up” and said he thought he killed Sabatini.