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UPDATE: Remember The FERGUSON RAPE SCANDAL . . . Where One Politician Claimed She Was RAPED By A Co-Worker . . . Well She LIED . . . And He's Suing Her For FALSE RAPE CHARGES!!!

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Remember TWO weeks ago when we told you the story about Cora Walker - a Ferguson politician that claims that she was raped by another Ferguson politician Steven Roberts. Well police investigated Cora's claims, and determined that there was "credible evidence" that their relationship was consensual, and that Cora was trying to hide it from her husband.

ell now Steven is suing her, allegeing that she FALSELY accused him of rape. Here is how it's being reported of

Last month, an incoming member of the Missouri House of Representatives, Cora Faith Walker, publicly accused fellow incoming member Steven Roberts Jr. of sexual assault, saying she'd reported him to the police and asking the Speaker of the House not to seat him.

But on Tuesday, prosecutors said there would be no charges, saying there wasn't enough "credible evidence" that the two colleagues' interactions were anything but consensual. And now Roberts has filed a bombshell lawsuit against his fellow Democrat — accusing her of making up the case against him and saying that they had multiple consensual encounters.

Walker has told the media that the two had no prior romantic relationship. But in his lawsuit, Roberts alleges that they actually fooled around in his hotel room the very night before — and that he snapped a nude photo of her to prove it. He also says their encounters on the night in question weren't just consensual, but that they planned to hook up by purchasing wine, pizza and condoms together.

He's now suing for defamation, malicious prosecution, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress.