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REPORT: Scottie Pippen Is Planning To TAKE BACK His Wife . . . He Now FORGIVES HER . . . For ALLEGEDLY Smashing Rapper Future!!!

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Last week Scottie Pippen filed for DIVORCE, and TMZ claims that he filed because he suspected that Larsa was having an affair with rapper Future.

Well Scottie may be ready to forgive his wife.

The NY Post's Page Six spoke to Larsa Pippen's reps, and they're convinced that Scottie will take his wife back. Here is what they're reporting:

The rep for Larsa told us a few days ago, “The tension between [Scottie and Larsa] started months ago during playoffs when Scottie brought another woman to a playoff game. Scottie has been married to Larsa for almost two decades and has had no problems with her social media.” Her rep would not comment on gossip about her friendship with Future, although sources in the rapper’s camp dismissed them as “false rumors.”

But another source close to Pippen, 51, said of Larsa’s friendship with celebs such as Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, “Scottie hates this whole ‘Kardashian Instagram lifestyle.’ [Larsa is] all about clubs and rappers and DJs. He just wants out of that world.” Pippen “just wants to play golf and stay low-key,” the source added. “He’s afraid of all the gossip that comes with that Kardashian world she’s in.”

Larsa Pippen is spotted with Kim Kardashian in Las Vegas.Photo: Splash News

But despite all the drama, Larsa’s rep added on Monday night, “I’m fairly certain they’re going to make up . . . He’s sending her messages. They’re communicating. I don’t think they’re going to pull the trigger. He was saying, ‘I miss you. Let’s talk.’ She’s feeling the same way. When it rains, it pours, but Scottie’s at a different place. She’s at a different place, and they’re just figuring it out.”