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SICK KILLER: Man Charged With FORCING Two Women To Lick Toilets . . . Rammed With S*X Toys . . . Then CUT OFF THEIR HEADS!!

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A SICK British man is being charged with killing two prostitutes in Hong Kong. But what he did to them - was PURELY DEMONIC.

Rurik Jutting, 31, made Seneng Mujiasih lick a toilet before sawing through her neck, dismembered her body and stuffing her into a suitcase.

And that's not all. The animal is also charged with killing another young woman, Sumarti Ningsih. Police say that Rurik filmed the murder on his phone. He allegedly jammed foreign objects into her private areas before killing her.

Rurik's trial started this morning at Hong Kong‘s High Court - if found guilty he faces the death penalty.