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Q Parker, one of the members of the r&b group, 112, is also asking for his publishing back from Diddy, following Mase's recent outburst.

According to Q, he has the same contract that Mase has, which means he really cannot make any money from his work.

"I go back to the beginning and say all artists… know what you're saying. Cause at the end of the day, I get where Mase is coming from because I'm in the situation," he told TMZ.

"I want the other half of my publishing back too. However, these are contracts we signed when we were teenagers. And legally, he did nothing wrong. He presented us what was the industry standard back int he 90s. So you're asking Puffy to make a personal, emotional decision, and I don't know if he's gonna do that."

Mase claimed that Diddy had only paid him 20k for his publishing almost two decades ago and that when he asked to repurchase it for $2 million, Diddy refused.

Q continued, "Now, where I do think Puffy was wrong was asking the academy to do something he's not willing to do. At least in their exchange, he was saying that he wasn't willing to do it."

"It comes across a little hypocritical. I'm always on the mindset of be careful what you say, cause if you're not willing to live it, people are gonna come down on you. If you're gonna make bold statements, you gotta be willing to back it up. If you're gonna be the face of this black excellence, there's some actions that I'm gonna challenge you to make. It's a lot of things out here that you can make right with a lot of people who contributed to your wealth."