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112 Member Slim Calls Out Group Members On Instagram

Atlanta R&B group 112 made headlines years back after Slim sued Q and Daron after claiming he owns the band's trademark.

"So much has been said about this, so many opinions during the years about this subject. So many people are asking me questions like this hasn't been going on for years...For those who are just now learning about this I will explain on my page one last time," he wrote in the post alongside a photograph of the paperwork.

"This is the conclusion of what has been going on for at least 3 years... My hope is that those who are pursuing music don't practice this type of business. First let me say I forgive all those that have wronged me any way...I just will never forget. I trademarked 112 in 2018...8 years after it was abandoned, ANYONE could have done it. For me 112 is a priority so business wise it made sense to protect what I risked everything for. The formers nor my manager didn't know I had the trademark until after they started the lie about stealing money months later."

Should Slim have sued them?