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Rapper 50 Cent's BABYS MOTHER Just Got Her House Foreclosed . . . While She Was Receiving $6,700 In Child Support . . . EVERY MONTH!!


Rapper 50 Cent's baby's mother Shaniqua Tompkins is having her Atlanta home foreclosed. The home which she bought in 2008 is now up for auction. We should note that it is not clear that she is still living there.

But it's odd that she would lose her home to foreclosure, when rapper 50 Cent pays her $6,700 a month in child support.

Fiddy posted the below image on his Instagram, exposing her business to the world:

Shaniqua Tompkins is moms to their 18-year-old son Marquise Jackson. He and 50 have had a complicated relationship over the past decade.