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Man Pleads GUILTY To ABUSING One-Year-Old Baby . . . Paralyzing The CHILD . . . And Gets ONLY 18 MONTHS IN JAIL!!! (Take A GUESS What His RACE Is?)

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A Washington man who plead guilty to VICIOUSLY SHAKING his girlfriend's 1-year-old daughter, and partially PARALYZING the baby - was just sentenced to ONLY 18 months in prison.

Eli Everett Tomal was sentenced Friday after pleading guilty to child assault in July. According to charging papers, Eli’s girlfriend called 911 in 2014 when the baby wouldn’t wake up.

She later told investigators she’d left Eli alone with the child for 15 minutes. Eli told her the baby fell backward on a flashlight as she crawled on a bed. Forensic doctors said otherwise, finding that the baby's injuries were caused by the child being violently shaken.

And the poor child's injuries are LIFE LONG. The baby’s grandmother told the court that the baby suffered paralysis on her right side and lost some of her vision.

Eli is described as "White" on a previous arrest report. Authorities are refusing to release his mugshot to news agencies.