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DRAMA IN FERGUSON: Married State Representative Claims She Was RAPED By Other Representative . . . But Was She Really RAPED??? (Details Inside)


A married female Ferguson lawyer who is running for a seat in the Missouri House is accusing another Democratic candidate of raping her - during a late night meeting at his apartment.

Cora Faith Walker, 31, claims that she was sexually assaulted by Steven Roberts Jr., a former assistant prosecutor, after going to meet him at his St. Louis apartment on the night of August 26.

Both candidates are black Democrats who are running unopposed for seats in a Legislature that is predominantly white and Republican.

Walker said she had two glasses of wine and doesn't remember anything else that happened that night, and that she woke up the next morning in a bed in the home.

She claims she was drugged, but others are saying she willingly had sex, and then regretted it the next morning so she made up the story.
Here is her full statement:

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In 2015, Roberts was also investigated but not charged for an alleged incident at a bar involving a female college student. Roberts denied any wrongdoing