1,000 People Ignore Quarantine & Party In Streets Of Pensacola Florida! (Vid)


Yesterday people flocked to a popular Pensacola Florida housing projects, to party with their friends despite a "lock-down" order by the Florida governor.

MTO News has learned that as many as 1,000 people were out yesterday, in close contact with one another and the video shows that police did nothing to break up the crowd.

(see video above)

This 1,000 person street party comes at the worse time possible - and could lead to a worst case scenario for the southern State.

That's because coronavirus is picking up steam in Florida, and many epidemiologists believe that Florida will be hit by the disease at least as hard as NYC.

Currently, there are 19,895 people who tested positive for the disease in Florida. There have been 461 deaths and 2,672 are currently hospitalized.

Florida is the ninth worst hit State with 19,895 cases. New York leads with 189,415, followed by New Jersey (61,850), Massachusetts (25,475), Michigan (24,638), California (23,287), Pennsylvania (22,920), Illinois (20,852), Louisiana (20,595) and Florida.