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1,000 People Attend Crowded Chicago House Party During Quarantine! (Video)

Chicago is one of the worst-hit cities by the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus and city officials are begging their residents to stay home - and maintain social distancing.

But last night, MTO News learned that 1,000 people decided to buck the requests of health officials and crowd into a house party on the city's west side.

(see the video above)

In the video you see more than 100 people crowded into a tight room, dancing while hip hop music plays in the background. MTO News learned that the rest of the house was as crowded - or more - as shown in the video.

MTO News reached out to a woman who claims she attended the party - and she described the atmosphere inside.

The partygoer told us, '[There] were about 1,000 people in the yard and in the house. It was really crowded and hot." She claims that the partygoers were not worried about contracting the coronavirus, after attending the party.

The 23-year-old woman told MTO News, "I'm not worried about [the Coronavirus] . . . but if I didn't have it before, I probably got it now. Oh well."