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Pop superstar Normani launched her new video Motivation yesterday - and it's going viral on social media. "Motivation" is the lead single off her upcoming solo debut album, and it's leaving fans with their jaws on the floor. 

Though she’s a Beyoncé fan through and through, Normani has said that the Destiny’s Child member she relates to most is Kelly Rowland. She says she admires Rowland’s grace and her 2011 hit “Motivation,” but perhaps there’s a more obvious reason: Compared to the skyrocketing success of fellow former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello, Normani’s solo career has developed more slowly. On “Motivation,” the 23-year-old’s first single all by herself, she steps out with sparkle and command, making the case that Fifth Harmony doesn’t have just one all-star alum.

The "X-Factor" alum, and previous member of girl group Fifth Harmony is making a name for herself one steamy scene at a time.

Our editors watched the video dozens of times and came up with the 10 hottest moments in the video

Here they are: .

She starts off the video in a barely there outfit complete with an airbrush design that touts her birth year, 1996. And Normani shows off her twerk skills. She twerked on the court, on a fence, and at one point, she gave a backup dancer quite a view as she twerked on his face.


Then the scene changed, and Normani danced in the rain - wearing a diamond studded lingerie. It sounds weird, but the scene worked.


The video was pure FIRE.