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Tamar and her Nigerian boyfriend are officially back together, MTO News can report.

Yesterday, Tamar Braxton announced that she was breaking up with her African bae. Tamar told fans that she "couldn't trust" him, and suggested (by liking a comment) that her bae may have scammed her.

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Well Tamar must have changed her mind - because they're back together.

Tamar told fans that the couple was fighting, but that they worked through whatever they were arguing about.

Tamar now says that she can "fully" trust her bae, and no longer is suggesting that he scammed her.

Here's Tamar's reverse take:

She also wrote: ‘I be mad, mad but not too long at this one he way to fine for that#forever&everbruh #D&T #helikesittho,’ Tamar captioned the video.

According to Celebrity Insider her fans were there to support her despite her very quick change of heart:

Someone told her that ‘The blogs just want to post negative stuff about you and your haters want to jump on the bandwagon! PS, you had a right to be mad ole boy proposed on YOUR birthday. He was tacky!’

Someone else joked and told Tamar: ‘Lmaooo we know you by now. You just had a moment. ’

Another one of her supporters wrote: ‘I am you, Tamar. Don’t feel ashamed that you can’t help being your authentic self 24/7. At least no one in your life has to guess what and how you’re feeling. I appreciate people that are real whether they look good or bad. Happy Birthday, beautiful.’

Tamar and her boyfriend have been together now for nearly 9 months - and their relationship progressed quickly. After just a few weeks of knowing each other, the couple moved in together.

Now Tamar and her new bae are virtually inseparable. And folks close to Tamar claim that her bae is helping Tamar "manage" her career and finances.