Watch The Trailer For '90 Day Fiancé' Spinoff 'Darcey & Stacey'


TLC has listened to their viewers, and they have given 90 Day Fiancé star Darcey and her twin sister Stacey their own show, Darcey & Stacey.

Viewers have twice watched Darcey try relationships with foreign men, Jesse from the Netherlands and then the British gent, Tom -- and saw them both crash and burn.

Judging from the trailer, it seems that Stacey and her fiance Florian may be having a hard time as well. Darcey seems to suspect that Florian is cheating on her sister, and an unidentified female admits that he has been trying to get some of her "honey."

"In Darcey and Stacey, the twins open the doors wide to their lives while they juggle relationships, family, and their unique world of being twins," TLC's description of the series reads. "As the series begins, we follow while Darcey heals over yet another failed relationship with British ex-boyfriend Tom and as Stacey gears up for another major step in her own love life."

Watch the trailer below.