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Rapper J Cole Creates An ENTIRE SONG . . . About CHEATING ON HIS WIFE!!! (How Disrespectful)


Rapper J Cole's music is about his REAL LIFE - but one of his songs is a little TOO REAL, and has his female fans upset.

J Cole, whose real name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole and his longtime love Melissa have been married now for three years. By all accounts they seemed to have a happy marriage - UNTIL NOW.

J Cole, 33 years old, released his album last night called, KOD - and it was AMAZING. But his song "Kevin's Heart" - is getting a lot of attention. Because folks are saying that the song is about him cheating on his wife. They're calling it an "Ode To Side Chicks"

In the lyrics J Cole says:

I love her, I don't want to lose you I'm selfish,

I know that I use you My ego get stroke and I bruise her

My ego get stroke and I bruise her

My actions I know they confusin'

At home I look happy as usual

On the road I'm a mac, I'm a chooser

I'm a addict, I'm maskin' that Kevin's Heart

As you can imagine many of his female fans do NOT approve of this behavior.

J Cole released his album last night in secret with ZERO features from other artists. What's interesting according to Billboard is the fact that J. Cole is addressing a lot of the ISSUES in hip hop particularly drugs like LEAN, 

From the album’s artwork to a majority of the songs, Cole feels a certain kind of way about today’s drug culture. He’s clearly been affected by those around him and their drug usage as evidenced on the “Once an Addict” interlude and the topic is a prevailing theme throughout the album.