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Piers Morgan Wants Sheryl Underwood Fired!!

Piers Morgan now says he wants The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood fired for calling Sharon Osbourne a racist.

"[Sharon] was taken down very deliberately, and it was all because she dared to tweet that I was entitled to my own opinion," Morgan said. "And because she said that on Twitter she was attacked on her own show by her co-hosts who said that that effectively was her supporting someone who said 'racist' things," he continued.

Morgan was fired from British daytime talk show Good Morning Britain for making a few harsh comments about Meghan Markle.


And he's bitter about it.

"[Sheryl wasn't outraged]… she defended George Lopez on 'The Talk' four days later so there's a real sickening hypocrisy," Morgan said. 

"I'm staggered Sheryl Underwood is still on that show. How can you be on a show when you forcibly brand someone a racist? And when you're challenged about it you can't produce any evidence. Isn't that by the Sharon Osbourne scale of dismissal a fireable offense? I'd said so. But there lies the hypocrisy at the heart of this debate."