OJ Simpson took to social media to offer embattled NFL star Antonio Brown some legal advice - "fire your lawyer."

His comments are in response to Brown's lengthy rant on Twitter where he blasted Patriots owner Robert Kraft and others.

OJ revealed that he had dropped Brown from his fantasy football team.

"My phone started ringing early this morning, fellow fantasy players called me and said, 'Have you been watching what Antonio Brown is saying this morning?'" he said. 

"I'm not gonna say he's wrong what he's saying, but doesn't look like he's gonna be back this year," Simpson said, adding that he had "finally had to push the drop button on my fantasy team."

Brown, who was recently accused of sexual misconduct by one woman and rape by another, OJ offered him some sage advice:

"When you're in a civil or criminal litigation, the best thing you can do is say nothing. Be quiet. Essentially shut up. And if his lawyer didn't give him that advice, he should sue that lawyer."