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MTO News has learned that Miss BumBum Germany, Nathali Pereira is being booty-ed out of the cheeky annual bikini contest, after judges learned that she's undergone butt implants. 


The curvaceous stunner was pinning her hopes on competing in Miss BumBum World 2020, which will be held in December. Instead of lining up onstage in front of crowds as usual, the array of bikini-clad hopefuls will this time be showing off their assets online as the contest is held virtually due to the Covid pandemic. 

However, Nathali, 27, may have already scuppered her chances of taking the coveted crown from reigning champion Suzy Cortez by going under the surgeon's knife. 

Butt implants are strictly forbidden under contest rules, as judges favor natural curves. Nathali has confessed to giving her derriere a cosmetic boost from 96cm to an eye-popping 112cm in May - one month before she was selected to be Germany's candidate. 

Instead of pressing ahead under false pretense, she has chosen to come clean about the booty enhancement and may even consider having it reversed. She was unaware of the rule when she got the implants but hoped the natural-looking result would get her a pass to compete. 

“I increased my butt, because my dream is to win the contest," said Nathali, who was born in Brazil but has lived in Berlin for two years. "Now I am very afraid of being disqualified and I'm trying to schedule a surgery to remove the implants." 

According to the blue-eyed brunette, the invasive procedure took about 6 hours. "I was unable to sit for 2 weeks," she added. "I chose my doctor based on the recommendations and everything went well. I had to strictly follow everything he sent in order to be successful in the operation. So much so that it doesn't even seem that it is not natural. The fans say that I now have the best butt, so all the pain is worth it.