Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Reportedly Working On Their Marriage!!

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According to new reports online, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly working hard to save their marriage.

"After Kim left Cody, she and Kanye have been talking more. She feels like she did reach him on some levels during that trip," a source told PEOPLE. "Before the trip, she was ready to end her marriage. But Kanye has been listening to her concerns. He has made some promises to her. Kim still sees divorce as a last resort. She is not there yet."

A source had previously told the outlet that their marriage was over -- but things appear to have changed.

"Kanye suggested that they take a family trip together and Kim agreed. She wants to do everything she can to save her marriage," the source continued. "It's all very complicated though. Kim wants him to get proper help and Kanye still doesn't want to. Kim is just taking things day by day right now. She isn't sure if their marriage can be saved, but she is willing to keep trying for their kids."