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Khia Roasts Lil Wayne: You Ain't Never Loved A Black B*tch!!

Khia went in on Young money boss Lil Wayne in one of her epics rants -- calling him out for allegedly being a junkie and over his treatment of Black women.

"Crusty has never been for the people. You claim you've never experienced hate and racism and now you're saying there's nothing more we can do as a people about the wrongful deaths and the killing and murder of Black people that's going on in America," she says.

"You ain't never loved any Black bitches that you f*cked with. You didn't even love your nanny, your nitty gritty grandnanny and they black as tar. You ain't never loved a Black bitch," she continued.

And she didn't stop there.

"You are 99 dreads short of being a man and 99 brain cells short of freeing anybody who's being oppressed. So again, f*ck you and your couch in the name of Rick James."

Wayne is currently dating another white, plus-sized model.