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Harvey Weinstein is due back in court on Monday to be arraigned on a new indictment in his sexual assault case.

Monday's arraignment comes just three weeks ahead of his trial.

The indictment, which was returned by a grand jury, has not been publicly disclosed. It's not clear if additional charges will be brought against Weinstein or what it includes according to CNN.

Earlier this month, Weinstein took another 'L' after a judge ruled that a sex trafficking charge against the shamed Hollywood exec can proceed.

Weinstein's lawyers tried to appeal Judge Robert W. Sweet's ruling last August that the notorious Hollywood 'casting couch' — in which aspiring actors and actresses are promised valuable professional opportunities in exchange for sexual favors — could be considered a "commercial sex act," according to Fox.

The ruling stems from a civil lawsuit filed in fall 2017 by actress Kadian Noble who alleged Weinstein molested her and forced her into a bathroom. Weinstein then allegedly forced her to watch him masturbate after arranging a meeting with him in his hotel room in Cannes, France, to watch her demo reel.