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Gillie Da Kid Responds To Joe Budden: You Decorate The Hate!!

Gillie Da Kid has responded to Joe Budden after Budden called him out over his recent "All Lives Matter" rant.

Budden was unimpressed with Gillie using Black on Black crime to push his "All Lives Matter" agenda.

Gillie didn't hold back responding to Budden.

 "He called me a doofus. I'm from the streets man, I don't know what a doofus is. I'm sorry. You have to explain that to me, is that in the dictionary? That was some real suburban sh*t. Then he went on a rant about me for a long time. He was sweating. It wasn't even hot in there and he was sweating," says Gillie.

Gillie says the streets don't rock with Budden.

"Obviously I got a n*gga in his feelings. Was it because I brought up the story of your people getting slapped? One thing about me is I speak the truth. I say what the f*ck I want. I know what this really about. You a smart guy, you know sh*t start from the ground up. Everything start from the roots, and the roots hold up the tree. The n*ggas on the ground level don't f*ck with you. They f*ck with me. That's what's really hurting your feelings. What you try to do is you hate, but you decorate the hate. You put up balloons, and you try to disguise it like it's not hate. But that's all it really is. Even the n*gga sitting beside you recognize the hate."