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Beyonce attended Game 3 of the NBA finals with her billionaire husband, Jay-Z and the BeyHive was in a frenzy after seeing Bey shoulder-nudge a woman who leaned across her to talk to her husband.

The woman was not just some rando, she actually turned out to be Nicole Lacob, the wife of the owner of Golden State - but it's clear that Bey is not too fond of Nicole.

Bey and Jay see somebody across the court they both know and begin to smile and wave. Then Nicole can be seen leaning across Bey to chat to Jay-Z, who himself, looks uncomfortable with the little chit chat. After the woman is finished talking, Bey appears to shuffle and (seemingly intentionally) giving the woman a subtle shoulder nudge to let her know what's up.

The BeyHive hopped on Twitter to react to 'Becky with the Good Hair' trying to talk across Queen Bey.

Was the nudge justified?