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Azealia Banks: My Mother Is Wishing Death On Me!!

Rapper Azealia Banks has been going through it lately, this time, she shared abusive messages allegedly from her mother -- wishing death on her.

"This is also why im extremely stressed out 24/7. My mother has been wishing death on me , saying "I'm a piece of sh*t just like my father" since I was three years old," she writes.

"This is an extremely toxic relationship I have to cut off. She's using the potential deaths of my other two dogs chicken and salt as collateral YET AGAIN. If anyone want to adopt them in NYC I will let you know where she drops them because I can't be dealing with this same abusive sh*t from childhood if I plan to get ahead and evolve. I am done with this."

In the messages, both accuse each other of doing drugs. Banks says that her mother sniffed coke her entire childhood.

The exchange is pretty sad. Take a look.