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The co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, Michael Rubin hopped onto Instagram to call out the judge in the Meek Mill trial after the judge refused to respond to requests to allow Meek entry into the country for a Sixer playoff game in Canada. 

“Judge Genece Brinkley – I know you have a vendetta against Meek Mill and are obsessed with trying to control every aspect of his life, but did you really NOT approve him to go to rep the sixers in Toronto for the game? As soon as the schedule came out, Meek asked probation for approval- they immediately approved!” he wrote.

The judge had previously sentenced Meek to 2-4 years in prison for violating his probation. During his incarceration, questions were raised about Brinkley's personal interest in the case. She was asked to recuse herself from the case but refused to step down.

"(YES FOR EVERYONE WHO DOESN’T UNDERSTAND, MEEK MUST STILL GET THE JUDGES APPROVAL PERSONALLY EVERYTIME HE LEAVES PA SINCE HE’S STILL ON PROBATION 12 YEARS LATER FOR A CRIME HE DIDN’T COMMIT) We filed w/your court as soon as the schedule came out since you need to approve travel to Canada! Since you didn’t respond to numerous phone calls and emails we even sent a lawyer to the courthouse today!!" Rubin added.